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What is a Mithai?

Mithai is a word that translates into Sweets and Desserts in India, It originates from the word Mitha which means Sweets in Hindi. India as a country is a treasure trove of heavenly and mouthwatering mithais (Indian Sweets). Mithais represent good omen, prosperity, happiness, and celebrations in Indian Culture, Mithais are delightfully sweet and you can find distinctive Mithai from each part of India that brings its tradition and history with it. All customary celebrations in the Indian Subcontinent are incomplete without Mithais, As they are offered to the Gods and the devotees. Indian Sweets are growing in popularity all over the world because of their delicious flavors and the diverse options of mithai one can relish in.


Different Types of Mithai?


When it comes to the types of Indian Sweets, A lifetime won't be enough to explore all the Mithai in India. However, we can look at the most popular Indian Sweets that are loved all over the world.


  • Kaju Katli which means Cashew Slices is a popular sweet all over India and can be identified by its distinct diamond shape and edible silver-topped coating. Its creamy and sweet taste is usually relished at most Indian celebrations and festivals.



  • Ladoos are round in shape and are usually made from sugar, flour, ghee, or oil according to the recipe, Flavorings and Nuts are also added to some ladoos, Ladoos have a unique history that dates back to the 4th century BC when it said that an ancient Indian Physician named Sushruta used the sweet as ayurvedic medicine for the patients to consume. All forms of Ladoos in today's age are relished by most people during festivals and celebrations



  • Mewa Bites are luxurious sweet cubes of joy that are filled with the crunchiness of Dryfruits and come in different fruity and floral flavors like Chocolate, Orange, and Rose. Mewa Bites is a crunchy and delectable delight that can be enjoyed at all times.



  • Sugar Fee Indian Sweet Rolls are made from Anjeer/Figs, Khajoor/Dates, and Kaju/Cashews are made without adding any sugar, These luxurious rolls have an enjoyable flavor and pleasurable crunch that can be enjoyed at all celebrations. These Sugar-Free Mithais can be relished by every mithai lover with confidence.





Why should you buy our Mithai?


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