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A pinch of mukhwas or after meal can add taste and also serves as a natural mouth freshener too. It also helps in digestion and improves appetite. We at Heersons offer authentic Indian mukhwas that are enhanced with spices, dried fruits, and fennel seeds. We offer sweet as well as salty and aromatic mukhwas.

Browse our entire collection and choose your favorite mukhwas. The mukhwas we offer are made up of natural ingredients and there is no artificial color or flavor added in it.
We also use ingredients such as sesame seeds, flattened dal, rose petals, and sweeteners as well as Aam Pachak, Amla, and Kharak Tukda to give a fruity taste.

If you want to enjoy some tasty and chatpati churans, jeera goli, Draxadi vati or dadam vati then we also offer a large variety of these authentic appetizers. Our imli and aam candy is a big favorite amongst kids and is loved by adults too. We also offer Pan mukhwas which is a royal mixture of betel leaves, areca nuts, fennel seeds, cardamom, and coriander seeds.

Check out the varieties of mukhwas and candies that we offer and buy the best one that suits your taste.